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Welcome to  DIR  Dental also known as Dental Image

Belita Malin ( I.A.)  – owner, has since 1974 been being involved in all aspects of the dental surgery practice. From  1982 – 2001 , as a regional representative and branch manageress for one of the largest dental care retailers in Southern Africa – nationwide suppliers of leading equipment and brands to the dental industry –  a solid understanding of the needs and requirements that ideally positions her to meet the exacting needs of her select clientele. Her insight and understanding of dental care simply means that you need look no further than Dental Image (DIR Dental) We follow the rules and regulations of the South African Dental Associating (SADA)  and the  (HPCSA) Health professional Council of South Africa. 

Customer Service: What’s it all about !!  

What I am really selling in offering customer service is ‘the customer experience . Most people believe customers purchase the product or service they provide. Although true, there is a more important aspect that I focus on. There are many options available when it comes to fixing problems (all services and products fixes a problem(s)) and addressing needs in dental practice brokerage. Problems that arise can sometimes be left without doing something about it and sometimes, people simply live with it.  When one does decide to do something about a problem or need, there are unlimited options, as many product or service providers provide exactly the same product or service. So, the “tipping point” that causes customers to call on one product or service provider instead of another, is the customer experience from their preferred supplier. The central theme, or core tenant of a philosophy which on its own can completely change the direction of a business, is that their customers do not buy the product or service they sell.  They buy the experience of purchasing that product or service from them, instead. Customer service is essentially, an operations management term, and has many definitions. It has inter alia been defined to mean in current world-class operations management thinking, as “the next person in the process”. Customer service therefore, is serving the next person in the process where ‘all interactions between a customer and a product or service provider at the time of sale or consumption, and thereafter. Customer service is intended to add value to a product or service and to build enduring relationships. The customer experience is therefore how the next person in the process, as a result of all interactions between a product or service provider (the upstream customer) and a customer (downstream customer) to whom he/she provides a product or service at the time of sale or consumption, and thereafter, experience the value added and attempt to build and foster an enduring relationship.

**Dental Image  was founded in 2001 and as part of a concentric diversification of her business her recruitment practice focuses on permanent and temporary staff, dental nurses, oral hygienists, accounting and reception staff  — Local & selected International placements of Dentists  — Dental Practice brokerage assistance   —  all your needs whereby we can assist  the Sellers and Buyers within the Dental Industry

  • Dental Recruitment : Placement of Staff & Dentists  LOCAL & (International Placements Selective areas).
  • Dental Image Practice Sales (  Dental Image   (DIR)    ) : As a specialist division, DIR specialize in the assistance with the sale  of dental practices throughout South Africa.  NQF4 real Estate  Independent contractor . We work with Accountants and Lawyers with all Dental Practice Sales)
  • Dental USED   EQUIPMENT  availability  ––  refer to page.
  •  Health Wear – Professionally and Local made. Certain ranges are   ready made garments  for the Health Care Industry –  Dental /Medical /Beauty Care .Refer to page SCRUBS and for more info please contact us.
  • Accounting services as an additional service whereby required – see link -more info
  • Gandhi once said the following:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words
become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your
values, your values become your destiny.”    we strive to do our best!!