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Dear Dr

Mr. Duminy, whom I have known for about 20 years, has assisted numerous dental practices with regard to Labour Relations related matters. I have consulted him on numerous occasions during the time that I have been involved with the Dental Practices and I have also referred many of my own clients to him for assistance.

Attached please find documents that I would like you to peruse for your benefit.
Mr. Louis Duminy, who is the Senior Labour Relations Consultant at IR Services Western Cape CC, is in the process of establishing an Employer’s Organisation, i.e. Medical and Dental Employer’s Organisation of South Africa (MEDEOSA),  for employers in the Medical and Dental profession. In order to register the Employer’s Organisation there needs to be shown that the Employer’s Organisation has registered members/ clients affiliated to it.
Should you wish to register as a member of the Employer’s Organisation please complete the attached document and send it to me at belita@dirdental.co.za or directly Mr. Duminy via e-mail to louis.medeosa@gmail.com.  

Please note that should you complete the Membership Registration, it only indicates your interest to affiliate to the said Employer’s Organisation.  As soon as the Employer’s Organisation is officially registered through the office of the Registrar for Labour Relations your practice will be sent an invoice for payment of the first annual membership fee of R240-00 (R20-00 per month) plus R20-00 once-off registration fee.

Kind regards,

Belita Malin